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Espoir Town: Thalia Granville by Wishingstar827 Espoir Town: Thalia Granville by Wishingstar827
For :iconespoir-town: I decided to move Thalia to this place because I miss drawing her! Look at her she looks good after a month without drawing her, but I have barely any fashion sense and as a result Thalia doesn't have much of it either. That shirt looks both good and bad on her if that is even possible. Also her early history has changed a bit since Kat is nonexistant now, everything else is as she got older. 
Bullet; PurpleName Thalia Granville

Bullet; PurpleAge 19

Bullet; PurpleGender Female

Bullet; PurplePokémon Vulpix*

Bullet; PurpleBirthday July 20th 

Bullet; PurpleHeight 5'2" (not including ears)

Bullet; PurpleWeight 107lbs 

Bullet; PurpleNature Modest

Bullet; PurpleAbility Drought(hidden)

Bullet; PurpleHometown Lilycove City then moved to Castelia city
      Bullet; Purple Job Music Store Clerk

      Bullet; PurplePersonality
     Thalia has mellowed down greatly as she got older but she still maintains a cheerful personality, she still always have that smile on her face though its probably not as big as it used to be. She became very mature and no longer gets excited over little things anymore and is not as bubbly and happy either. She remains as kind and caring as ever and her spirits are still never hindered due to someone's harsh words and she is rarely upset or angry. She still rather modest about her abilites especially singing and while she does appreciate flattery she always says "Oh thank you but I can't be that good."  Her cheerfulness is still a little contagious though, she lost her naivity as well and she still cracks under pressure and her mind is no longer completely innocent but certain jokes still kind of confuse her.
Bullet; PurpleHistory 

    Thalia was born the second and youngest child of a loving family on her side of the Granvilles. She lived in a middle class home within Lilycove City in the Hoenn region with an older brother named Gladious and two loving, hard working parents named Charles and Rosaline Granville.  Charles worked in a music shop at the Lilycove department store and Rosaline worked in a flower nearby. Rosaline's love for flowers and plants was so strong she even named her children after a flower and a family of plants(Gladious was named after the Gladiolus flower). She was born two years after her brother and much like their father and all other born Granvilles they both had a liking and knack for music. She along with her brother would often found ways to make music which include playing with their father's instruments, taping on wood to make a beat and various other methods. The lived not to far from their paternal cousin Amber and they would often visit their home, The siblings became very close friends with Amber  and they would often have playdates at each others house but this was not to last.
   When Thalia was around 5 Amber became orphaned due to a house fire. Thalia's father was devastated, so much that he almost lost his job and this put a great strain on the family. After her aunt and uncles death Thalia saw her cousin change from from happy and sociable to serious and distant. They started drifting apart because of it and eventually Amber moved to the Kalos region with her maternal grandmother, leaving Thals and her brother without a best friend. Even though their father accepted his brother's passing he felt the need to move to a place that didn't feel so empty. The family then moved to Castelia City, Unova and Thalia and her brother were put into the public school system there. When school started Thalia showed that she was academically ready and received great grades throughout her school years and made quite a lot of friends thanks to her personality, her two best friends being Crystal Bennet the Eevee and Felicia "Flames" Fitzgerald the Growlithe. Her brother made his own group of friend with equally uncommon names as wh However, she was often ridiculed and picked on due to her complete heterochromia, especially by the bullies and the popular kids. Though the teasing was a little cruel, Thalia refused to let it hinder her happy spirits.
   Eventually Thaia, Crystal and Flames graduated from middle school and wished to go to a different high school other than the ones offered in Castelia together so they began searching for the perfect school. Thalia's parents found flyers for various prestigious boarding schools, three such caught their interest the most, Amie Academy, The Armonia Institute and St. Mortiel Academy. St. Mortiel was an expensive school and even though both Crystal and Flamess could (barely!) afford it, Thalia's parents couldn't gather enough money to send her there. The three of them decided to go to the Amie Academy at first. Thalia did enjoy her short few months at the Amie Academy, she made quite a few new friends and even made a swimming rival. Then something went wrong with the school, it became unstable and to this point Thalia still doesn't know what exactly happened but her parents decided to take her out before things got worse. Thanks to that experience the trio decided to not go to a boarding school and settle back in to the Castelia school system. During her Senior year in High school Thalia's parents fell into an economic slup, business in both of theor workplaces started falling and with Gladious' college fees weighing down on them they had barely any money left for their daughter. Thalia soon graduated but even with her high marks, her parents couldn't afford to send both their kids to college, but Thalia refused to let this get to her and she decided to move to a new palce in order to earn mone for college. She found a quiet little Espior Town and decided to move thre as a fresh new start.
Bullet; PurpleSummary characteristic Strong Willed

Bullet; PurpleHobbies Reading, singing(when alone), swimming, dancing, listening to music

Bullet; PurpleLevel 37 (In case!)

Bullet; PurpleMoveset 
 *Will-o-Wisp :iconfiretypeplz: Thalia forms a ring of small bluish-white flames around her waist, the flames then merge, creating a larger flame which she shoots at the opponent to cause a burn.

:iconghosttypeplz: Thalia raises her arms in the air, her eyes glow purple and light red and a dark purple and black mist forms above her. She then throws the mist at the target in a relentless attack. If the target has a status condition this attack does double the damage.
      Flamethrower :iconfiretypeplz: Thalia scorches the target with an intense flame released form her mouth or her hands. Has a   10% chance of burning the opponent.
*Energy Ball(TM) :icongrasstypeplz: Thalia generates a green glob of energy drawn from nature in her hands, then releases it toward the target. It also has a chance of lowering the targets special defense. Birthday gift from her mother.
Bullet; PurpleExtras/Fun Facts 
 Orientation: Heterosexual
    Relationship status: Single & Open

     Thalia has Complete Heterochromia Iridium, her left eye is green and her right eye is blue possibly due to the fact that her father has green eyes and her mother has blue eyes. Due to this her eyes are a little more weaker and fragile then most, she wears her glasses more often now but on occassion you will see her without them. Her glasses have no arms also.
     She has dark freckles under her eyes and a little on her cheeks.
     She doesn't have much of a white underbelly like most Vulpix, it goes from between her chest to the middle of her rib cage. It's also kind of diamond shaped.
    When she is frightened she tends to partially realease her Will-o-Wisp move as a defense. So be careful when you joke around and scare her for fun.
     She has an older brother, still a vulpix named Gladious and a female cousin also a vulpix named Amber Granville.
     Both her parents are Ninetales.
   Science is one of her favorite subjects though dancing comes close second. She's also really good at math.
     Though she enjoys dancing, she's hates slow dancing, she perfers those that reqiure you to really move around.
     She is a great competitive swimmer, her best stroke is Freestyle, next is Breaststroke. Her Butterfly is a little more than average, she's not the best at it but she is far from the worst. She is horrible at backstroke though, she's too slow.
     Much like the rest of the born Granvilles in her family Thalia is very musical inclined, Her brother says that she is an awesome singer with an amazing voice but Thalia tends to doubt her singing capabilities and as a result she rarely sings In public. Though on occasion she will use a song to reflect her mood. If you catch her singing under her breath and you know that she's in a mood, listen to the song and you'll know what mood she's in. She also sings in the shower. Her sing abilites has gotten better since leaving the Amie Academy.
    Voice Actor: (Coming soon!)
    Theme song: (Coming soon!)
Favorite Food:  Still loves oran and pecha berry sandwiches
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